With the rise of religious fanaticism and the advent of the internet in the 1990s, I made the mistake of attempting to have honest dialogue with religious fanatics without the cloaking of my identity via the internet. This was done in order to reason with mistaken people and lead them to a balanced life outside of a religious cult. Sadly, to my growing awareness over the years one cannot have an open dialogue with religious fanatics and cult members. They will use personal slander, threats of violence, and disrupt your personal life with misconduct. Accordingly, my good name has been defamed across the internet by religious fanatics and cult members. With the increase of technological powerful search engines, my good name will never be fully cleaned up from the damage done by these religious fanatics and cult members. The following list is my advice to those who will try to have honest dialogue with these type of people.

1) Cloak your identity when accessing news groups and making comments. Never use your real name.

2) If you want to dialogue with religious people, use a blind email address without your initials or name through a website such as Google or Yahoo.

3) Never give out personal information such as home town, vocation, employer, or family.

4) Expect cult members and religious fanatics to do you harm. I was naive in this respect.

5) Expect with future technological advances that your identity will always be at risk from internet vandals. 

Lance S. Ferm

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